• Organisational development
    We have significant hands-on change management experience, including privatisation of government entities and corporatisation.
  • Trust fund advisory
    Our consultants have provided advisory services to international trust funds in Tuvalu, Fiji, Kiribati and Tokelau.
  • Primary sector investment
    We provide financial, economic and investment advice using a range of well-proven methodologies.
  • Developing country finance
    We manage and deliver finance services for small to medium sized business and individual entrepreneurs in developing countries.
  • Development banking
    Our consultants have first-hand experience of the differing requirements of commercial, development and microfinance lending.
  • Monitoring and evaluation
    Our experience includes reviewing agribusinesses in various sectors and evaluating environmental policies and their effects on sustainable agriculture.
  • Economic analysis
    We offer specialist economic research and financial analysis services, with experience in the agribusiness, forestry, nutraceutical and health sectors.
  • Market research and analysis
    We undertake market research, competition analysis and literature reviews for clients, with experience across various agribusiness sectors.
  • Project management
    We’ve been managing projects in the primary industry sector for nearly 30 years and have also conducted pre-feasibility studies.
  • Strategy and policy advice
    We assist government and industry organisations across a range of areas in strategy and policy development.