Trust fund advisory

Our consultants have provided advisory services to international trust funds in Tuvalu, Fiji, Kiribati and Tokelau. We have also conducted social, economic and well-being surveys in Tuvalu and Kiribati, evaluated the feasibility of establishing trust funds for the Republic of Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia and Niue and developed strategies for increasing small nations’ access to climate change funding.

Tuvalu Trust Fund

Nimmo-Bell & Associates has been providing macro-economic advice, directorship services and marketing expertise to the Tuvalu Trust Fund since its inception in 1987. Dr Brian Bell, an associate consultant of Nimmo-Bell & Associates, served as an Advisory Committee Member of the Tuvalu Trust Fund Board from 1987 to 2002 and became Director in 2003. Dr Bell was also contracted by the Asian Development Bank to evaluate options for extending the trust fund concept to Tuvalu’s outer islands. Nimmo-Bell & Associates subsequently designed and implemented the Falekaupule Trust Fund, established in 2000.

Kiribati Outer Island Trust Fund

Nimmo-Bell & Associates undertook project preparation and capacity building work for the Kiribati Outer Island Trust Fund, established in 2003.

Tokelau Trust Fund

Nimmo-Bell & Associates was involved in the design of the Tokelau Trust Fund, established in 2003 to provide Tokelau with an independent source of revenue. It was also involved in community consultation during implementation.

Banaban Trust Fund – Fiji

Nimmo-Bell & Associates was involved in the restructuring of the Banaban Trust Fund in Rabi Island, Fiji, which was established in 1981.

Environment and Climate Change Trust Fund – Vanuatu

Consultants from Nimmo-Bell & Associates worked with finance ministers from small Pacific Islands states under an Asian Development Bank contract to develop a strategy for increasing access to climate change financing. These consultants then designed an Environment and Climate Change Trust Fund for Vanuatu, which utilises small charges on tourists to build an endowment fund for the long-term sustainability of environment/climate change programmes and projects at the community level.