Market research and analysis

We undertake market research, competition analysis and literature reviews for clients, with experience across various sectors, including the forestry, deer (venison and velvet), leather, fruit, arable crop, wool, beef, lamb, pork, poultry, fish, dairy and fruit and vegetable industries.

High-quality forage as a production alternative

We reviewed New Zealand initiatives aimed at increasing the use of high-quality forage as a rural production tool over a 30-year period. Our client was a global organisation looking to implement the use of efficient, low-cost forage grazing systems as a substitute for expensive feed grain. The global organisation wanted to reduce its dependence on imported feed grains and as New Zealand is a world leader in protein food production, the review focused on policy measures, lessons learned and funding.

Sharemilking systems in New Zealand

Nimmo-Bell & Associates researched New Zealand sharemilking systems for a foreign quasi-government organisation wishing to improve the succession of young farmers onto their own properties. Our research included the history and organisation of sharemilking in New Zealand, types of contracts, statutory requirements, education and training, the impact of sharemilking on the dairy industry, financing a dairy farm, the economics of dairy farming and sharemilking as a route to farm ownership.

Livestock improvement

We researched increased productivity in the New Zealand dairy and sheep industries over a 30-year period for an international client wishing to improve livestock performance. This included industry ownership and farming systems, main breeds, herd classification, evaluation of dairy cattle, genetic improvement facilities and services, major research agencies and indicators used to measure flock and herd improvement.

Farmer attitudes

We undertook a survey of New Zealand pork producers to understand concerns in relation to key issues faced by the industry. The results of the survey were used for strategic planning by the New Zealand Pork Industry Board in order to more accurately target its services to producers.

Food market research

We investigated changing consumption habits in New Zealand (i.e. of beef, lamb, pork, poultry, fish, dairy products and fruit and vegetables) and the underlying reasons for changes to analyse the impact on producers, processors, distributors and marketers in order to help them adjust their strategies.

Competitive intelligence updates

We provided detailed competitive intelligence update reports for the New Zealand Game Industry Board for several years, focusing on major export markets and competitors for each agricultural industry and included commentary on domestic production. Other updates covered the sheep meat, beef, dairy, wool and forestry sectors as well as assessing the impact of land use changes on the deer industry.

Dairy industry analysis

We provided a client with a detailed perspective on New Zealand’s ability to supply dairy markets in Asia, including market demand, exporting and distribution mechanisms, company processing, production responses and market implications. Our research included Asian food consumption habits and projections, the function and export strategy of the New Zealand Dairy Board, competition from other dairy exporters and access barriers.

Pork industry analysis

Our review of the world market for pig meat focused on international production, consumption, export trends, feed grain supply and supply dynamics. It also included analysis of the New Zealand meat market – from price (real and nominal) and consumption trends over 10 years to international competitiveness. In a separate assignment, we reviewed pig meat supply options for a large New Zealand producer and processor and analysed the strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities and financial implications of future production scenarios.

Beef industry analysis

We conducted a comprehensive review of the New Zealand beef industry for a large international beef importer. Our research covered New Zealand’s competitive position in world markets, production and scale relative to other major producers, the profitability of beef farming compared with other pastoral land use options and cattle trading and pricing systems. We analysed ownership and types of processing plants, consumption trends, the role of government and industry organisations, access issues and the New Zealand industry’s ability to respond to different demand levels.

Land use change

We reviewed the impact of widespread conversion of New Zealand sheep and beef farms to dairy farming and forestry, including the impact on sheep and cattle numbers and on future pastoral farming and wood production trends. Our analysis included the economics of the key drivers of changes in land use.

Napier wool industry

We were commissioned by the Napier City Council to conduct a scoping study on the development of wool-related businesses in and around Napier. This included a review of world fibre production and usage trends, the competitive position of New Zealand wool fibres in world markets and Napier’s competitive position as a major wool selling centre. We assessed the competitive position of wool-related cluster businesses in Hawkes Bay and investigated new opportunities.