Project management

We’ve been managing projects in the primary industry sector for nearly 30 years. Our experience includes leading a bilateral aid project aimed at developing a pastoral and animal base and district-based extension service in Puno, Peru. We’ve also conducted a pre-feasibility study for integrated dairy and beef smallholder production in Indonesia.

General management services

Nimmo-Bell & Associates has provided general management services in relation to several New Zealand farm and forestry businesses, including Carolina Farm Ltd, Threepwood Farm Ltd, Waiaua Bay Farm Ltd, Waitohu Valley Forestry Partnership and Cranco-Forst. Assistance provided to each business, on top of general management services, is as follows:

  • Carolina Farm Ltd – the development of 400 hectares of plantation forestry and rural subdivision on 1200 hectares at Whangamata.
  • Threepwood Farm Ltd – the development of a rural property at Lake Hayes, Queenstown, including a high-quality rural subdivision and lodge.
  • Waiaua Bay Farm Ltd – property development, including a forestry estate, on 1600 hectares near Kerikeri.
  • Waitohu Valley Forestry Partnership – converting 170 hectares to radiata pine at Otaki as part of a 30-person partnership.
  • Cranco-Forst – sourcing a 500-hectare property near Danevirke for an offshore owner’s high-quality forestry development.

Bukidnon Forests Incorporated – Philippines

Nimmo-Bell & Associates was appointed to manage the Bukidnon Forests Incorporated (BFI) project in the Philippines for three years while it transitioned from a government department to a corporate structure. BFI is a joint venture between the Philippines and New Zealand involving about 7000 hectares of plantation forestry established on denuded hill country in Mindanao, the most southern of the main islands in the Philippines. The project required a close working relationship with the Board of Directors of BFI in the Philippines, the General Manager and his team and a wide range of legal, accounting and business networks across the agribusiness and food sectors in the Philippines. Nimmo-Bell & Associates provided strategic and business policy and planning inputs and assisted government departments with the development of corporatisation/privatisation policies.

Kauri Cliffs Golf Course

Nimmo-Bell & Associates participated in the development of the international-standard Kauri Cliffs Golf Course north of Kerikeri.

Director services

Our consultants have provided executive director and representation services on various boards.