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>FRST Project Published Documents and Presentations

The following documents are available for download on this project, each document will open in a second window. Please close this window to return to this page. The icon next to each link indicates the required software to read this file:

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Economic Framework

Memorandum of Understanding as PDF file - 104 kb »

Working paper 1 - Valuation of Impacts of Incursions on Biodiversity a Review of the Literature, Basil Sharp, Geoff Kerr and Pamela Kaval - PDF file - 383kb »

Working paper 2 - Biosecurity New Zealand’s Integrated Risk Management Framework: theory and application, Brian Bell - PDF file - 134kb »

Working paper 3 - A Decision Support System framework for the optimal allocation of biosecurity measures to protect indigenous biodiversity (under development)

Working paper 4 – AARES Queenstown Feb 07 an economic framework for biosecurity decision making in New Zealand - PDF file - 81kb »

Case Study Summaries plus introduction to Benefit Transfer

PDF Presentation – Valuing Indigenous Biodiversity - Geoff Kerr & Basil Sharp- PDF file - 3MB »

PDF Presentation – Valuing Indigenous Biodiversity - Brian Bell, Michael Yap, Charlotte Cudby, Prof. Ric Scarpa- PDF file - 865kb »

Valuing the Coastal Marine Environment

Working paper 5 – AARES Canberra Feb 08 assessing the marginal dollar value losses to an estuarine ecosystem from an aggressive alien invasive crab - PDF file - 590kb »

PDF WP6 Coastal marine Tech report - final.pdf 7.2MB »

PDF WP7 NZARES Nelson Aug 08 Choice Modelling - Reallocation or Special Tax.pdf 450KB »

PDF WP8 Crab follow up survey report 24/07/09.pdf 852KB »

PDF WP8 Crab Follow up Appendix 1-2.pdf 3.2MB »

Establishing a database of Biodiversity Values

PDF WP9 AARES 2009 paper_Integrating biodiversity values into Biosecurity decisions.pdf 528KB »

PDF MAF June 2009 Presentation.pdf 592KB »

Valuing the Freshwater Environment

PDF WP10 Freshwater tech report final.pdf 1.4mb »

PDF WP11 NZARES Aug 09 Freshwater final.pdf 1.1mb »

Integrating Biodiversity Values into Biosecurity Decision Making

WP12 AARES Sep 09 Biodiversity valuation for biosecurity decisions when time is acutely constrained and uncertainly abounds (pdf).


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